Ice Cream text

Today I will be compare and contrast Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream and Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream.

Mint chocolate chip ice cream and Strawbeery cheesecake are the same because they both have chunks of snacks like Chocolate and Strawberry’s. They aslo have in common is the flavors.One is mint and the other is Strawberry.They aslo have in common is that they are both popular in America.

Mint chocolate chip and Strawberry cheesecake are different because one is green and the other is white. They are different because one taste like mint and the other taste like strawberrys




“When did it arrive” Tom said.  Tiffany said “I dont know I do care”. But Tiffany said “Just get the box please”. “Ok” Tom says. So they did and they opened it and what they saw was a creepy doll. So they got scared and ran away for live. Tiffany said to Tom “hey I don’t what to die today”and Tom says “I don’t ether”. So they ran into there friends house with is Logan. So Tom and Tiffany explained what happened, So they went back to the house and the doll wasn’t there.

Middle School Transition

Today I attended in middle school transitions. The school I attended was E. Russell Hicks and it has lots of fun activities to attend.. I’m going to tell you some activities that they have in this middle that you might not have..

There activities are:





Physical Education

There schedule is like ELA MATH SS TECH ED SCIENCE. And they have clubs like our soar. They have WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) where is where you do fun stuff.


In this picture you see Tom Parker (Main Character) fishing because he needs to eat food like a Salmon. Tom has been fishing for a couple of hours and hasn’t got a fish to eat because he might die if he doesn’t get anything to eat. So in the book his dad (missing) said that before this accident he said “ That there are more than 900 fish at Prince Williams sound”. So I’m thinking that Tom is going to catch a couple of Salmon and eat 2 to fuel up and. hike and up the mountain and eat on the way to Prince Williams Soun.


 The First triangle is a acute triangle because it has three acute angles. The second one is a right triangle because it has one right angle. The third one is a obtuse angles because it has a 130 degree angle

My Amendment

If I would of created a Amendment it should be the right to kill a Robber  if they were robbing. This is my Amendment because that I don’t want any of my money stolen. It would be passed because this happens to people like old person they don’t have a weapon but they should buy them.


In this picture is Tom Parker (The Main Character) stranded on an island called Bear Island because it is invested by bears and other dangers. The only reason why he is stranded is because they went kayaking and the kayak broke and Tom and his dad got separated from each other. So in this picture is Tom setting up a fire so he can survive the first night stranded on this island. He has very limited items do you think he can survive if so Comment on this Blog post.


The Bill of Rights Amendment X

Amendment X

The Bill of rights is important because if you don’t know your amendments than you are going to have a bad years.

“The powers not delegated to the Untied States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people”.

Google ar

Google AR

Today at 1:00 we had Google came to let us use their Ar (Augmented Reality) Technology. The lesson we were doing was Forces Of Nature. What we were able to see was Tornadoes,Hurricanes,Tsunamis,A Volcano and a Earthguake. What we were able to do was go inside the of the reality that was the best part. I learned that the Tsunamis carry millions of tons a salt water. I like this program because we don’t get to see these things in the community and I really like this program.

The Earth Hour

What is Earth Hour?

Earth Hour was created by the group WWF. It is basically you have to turn off  Your lights to 8:30 to 9:30 to change the climate. It inspires millions of people to do this. This is to see  the beautiful world and to enjoy the welderness.